Get employment in Bihar

All migrated Biharis are requested to work in their Bihar and not go back to other cities only for Roti and Kapda. Bihar is capable of providing Roti and Kapda for every Bihari.

Don't go out of Bihar

We, Bihari himself, are working in cities of other states to promote them, And today that city is run us away. We have to change ourselves and each Bihari will have to change. There is no dearth of work for Bihari even in own Bihar.

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Who We Are

Due to the Corona virus crisis in the country, a large number of migrate people arrived in Bihar due to which Remain Trusts were established under the leadership of Remain Asiazi Private Limited (Asiazi).

What We Do

Bihari people who migrated due to Corona virus have come to Bihar. The efforts of Biharis working in other states to get work in Bihar on the basis of skill, due to which they will be able to do work in Bihar.


Real-life stories of people whose lives have been touched by Remain Trusts or Remain Group (Remain Asiazi Pvt. Ltd., Tecoser) Photos, Videos, News, Press Releases, Events


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Remain Trusts is an Indian trusts, founded during the corona virus in the world. It was established by the Remain group (Asiazi, Tecoser) due to the large number of migrations of the corona virus to Bihar. The main objective of its establishment was that the people of Bihar could get work in the industry or business of Bihar only on the basis of their skill.

Applied  person get work  in bihar according to skill..

So far only people of Bihar can apply online. In future, other states will be included.

The information given by you in the application form on the Remain Trusts website will be shared with the big industry or businessmen of Bihar as required.

Step1 – Click on Apply
Step2 – Fill the Personal Detail and click on next button
Step3 – Fill Work Detail and click on next button
Step4 – Attach Resume (if you have)
Step5 – Finally click on Submit button.