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Remain Trusts

Remain Trusts are trusts or foundations run by Remain Asiazi Private Limited or Asiazi (A Unit of Remain Group). Remain Trusts was established in 2020 from Bihar (India) by Sujit Tomar and Rishi Prkash, Due to the growing influence of the Corona virus in the world, the Remain Trusts helped the Bihari migrate people, a free application form for Bihari Migrate is being provided by Remain Trusts. Remain Trust will try to get Bihari Migrate to work in Bihar on skill basis. The Remain Trusts will make every effort to get Bihari Skill working in Bihar.

The data of Bihari Migrate which we have taken, will share the details of Bihar’s big Industries with the businessman so that Bihari migrate can work in own home state in bihar. It will be the utmost effort of Remain Trusts not to migrate the Bihari migrants back to other states only for roti, Kapda. There is not much poverty in Bihar that people of Bihar cannot get work in Bihar.